Tove's 25-Year Celebration

So, the big event to celebrate Tove's 25 years of service went off without a hitch. It was terrific. There were folks from so many generations at Skogfjorden.

The event started off with the unveiling of the sculpture by Andrew Furber. It is a 2000 pound, 18 feet long paper clip. Its uses are still being explored, but immediately after the unveiling, there were 15 kids climbing on it. Very cool.

After the unveiling, we had a fabulous dinner prepared by Jodi "Helene" Nordlund and her terrific staff. It must be noted here that due to health problems, David Erceg had to yield his duties and so Jodi was pulling a heavier than normal load. But, many people stepped in to help out.

After dessert and coffee, we enjoyed a two-and-a-half-hour program with people from throughout the years, and from the different parts of Tove's life, paying tribute to her. I think Christine Schulze expressed it well...

But there was so much more...t-shirts that are truly fun and capture Tove; a story that wound itself around the magic of Skogfjorden and its central figure; photos, skits and songs that spanned the ages; heartfelt words, laced with humor, for Tove, Curt and Espen; a program that showed the hundreds who had invested in T.I.D.; and a song that capped the performances with a melody that pierced the soul.

It was so fun to watch Tove's face at so many moments when things were unfurling (and also unveiling)...Tove jewelry, trading cards (that were unbelievably clever), words from the Ambassador that spoke to her allegience to Norway, a little girl of her namesake, a stool that came from her years as a villager, staff & friends who had come from far and wide to mark this moment, a tribute to Curt (and a standing ovation that she led), and so much more. It's hard to capture it all, as I still find myself thinking back and enjoying a couple good memories of a day well spent with an amazing woman and wonderful people.

I will try to add photos and more to this section as time permits and they become available. (I already have a request out for photos of the sculpture from the sculptor himself, and I have copies of the photos from the photo montage at the program.) Stop back and see the changes and additions.